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JEE (Main)
( For class 12th Pass Students )

This course is designed for students who have passed class 12th devote whole time for preparation for competitive examination. Crash/Dropper's provides year long sustained practice with widest possible coverage of the theory and problems in highly competitive environment.

The teaching methodology is highly exhaustive and systematic which raises the academic levels of the student to pinnacle of excellence. This course includes detailed coverage of theory in sequential and rigorous manner, doubt removal session inside and outside the classes, regular lest series and feedback on performance to develop the logical problem solving approach, the competence and the winning attitude which is essential to succeed in JEE(Main+Advanced).

Eligibility :

Class 12th pass student targeting JEE (Main + Advanced) or Pre-Medical, Separate classes will be conducted.

Distictive Features :

  • Highly competitive but student friendly environment of the institute.
  • One-to-one interaction with faculty members due to small batches.
  • Personal attention to each individual.
  • Regular Problem solving counters.
  • Regular test series and feed back for JEE & Pre-Medical.

Course Details For JEE (Main)

Eligibility : Class 12th Pass Students | Procedure: Direct

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