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About ASV

AS Vidyamandir

Welcome to AS Vidyamandir

AS Vidyamandir IIT/Medical is an initiative taken by Mr. DN Sharma with an aim to change the way science education is delivered in the country.

We believe that Science cannot be taught in the classrooms without actually relating it to the real life examples. Academic test prepared by the eminent faculty of AS Vidyamandir. The initiative helps students identify their true potential in key subjects.

We provide various sessions aimed at promoting wellness techniques for memory and identifying inherent strengths & aptitude of each individual student.

We prides itself in having expert faculty of the highest caliber. They are trained rigorously on topics within their subjects, which makes them subject experts.

We have introduced Activity Based Learning and Technology to the traditional classroom learning. We also try to demonstrate the laws of science through real life examples and activities.

AS Vidyamandir